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Chef Ben Harrison

"The flavors that comprise a dish are the same of paints that compose a painting."

        Chef Ben started working in restaurants at the age of 15. He has always had a love for gastronomy; the creation of food. As a child, he loved helping his mother in the kitchen and the garden.  It was there that his love of flavor and freshness was born. Chef Ben attended Culinary school in Italy, and spent nearly 5 years working in internationally renowned kitchens in Italy and Germany.

Chef Ben loves Italian cuisine for its emphasis on fresh, simple and traditional ingredients. He respects every ingredient, whether it is fruit, vegetable, or animal, and believes in utilizing every part of each ingredient.  

        Ben loves being back on the Central Coast, and sharing his love of gourmet, Italian cuisine. His favorite part about catering  is customizing a menu so it's tailored to each persons palate and desires.

      when chef isn't cooking, you can expect to see him on the golf course, or spending time with his wife and their adorable dog.

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